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Naxos activates your senses!

  1. Taste the unique local products.
  2. Hear the relaxing sound of the sea.
  3. Watch the sun getting lost in the endless blue.
  4. Touch the pure sand of the island’s countless beaches.
  5. Smell the Aegean summer breeze.


Naxos, the biggest island of Cyclades, is the destination offering vacations for every taste. It combines high mountains and beautiful beaches organized or isolated. What do you prefer? It offers a countless range of activities: from hiking to Zas – the biggest mountain of Cyclades- to scuba-diving, horse-riding, wind-surfing, cooking lessons etc. Our villages are must-see destinations; you can observe the local architecture, taste the traditional Greek cuisine and collect a great number of memories to accompany you on your trip back. 

Naxos through the ages: In Mythology Zeus or Zas (king of gods and people) grew up in Naxos (Zas mountain). Naxos’ history dates back to 4000 BC, allowing you to admire a lot of monuments from different ages, such as: cycladic acropolis of Panermos (2500BC), archaeological site of Grotta (1300BC), temple of Demetra, statues of Kouros (Melanes/Apollon, 6th century BC), the archaic Portara and medieval castle in Naxos town. Most of them were made by the famous marble of our island. 

During the night, the alleys thrive with activity. There are a lot of taverns, restaurants, cafés or bars to spend your time as you wish from evening till the sun rises. Whether you choose to pass your vacation with your partner or with your friends, Naxos provides activities for both: either romantic sunsets and dinners, or dancing and enjoying the nightlife with your pals. Either way, Naxos’ nightlife combines both. 

“If paradise was on earth, it would be in Naxos” 

Nikos Kazantzakis